In celebration of our newly formed facebook page and our new project car, We will be giving away four wheel alignment tools. Possibly even more depending on how many likes we get over the next couple months. All you have to do to enter is like our page!

The giveaway will be for your choice of any of our products, except the 4 wheel system. However if you want the 4 wheel system you can receive a $200 credit towards it. The giveaway will also be open to past customers. Meaning if you need the tool NOW and purchase one before the drawing, or have already purchased from us in the past, you will receive your money back if you are one of the giveaway winners! We didn’t want to exclude the people that have already supported us.

By following our page you will also get to see updates on our blog posts involving our new project car, which is going to be beast with around 500hp while weighing less than 1700lbs. We will also be posting some fabrication and wheel alignment tutorials.

Simply click the button below to like our facebook page, if the check mark appears next to the like you are good to go!

Facebook page link: