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Reviews and Testimonials of our Wheel Alignment Tools

All of the positive reviews we have received are what has set us apart from our competitors and helped us become the go to wheel alignment tools brand for so many enthusiasts. What you see here is real, uncompensated feedback. You will find reviews taken form Amazon and ebay, as well as messages we have received from customers.

Now if you don’t read the instructions, or don’t contact us if you have a question or problem, we can pretty much guarantee you will have a subpar experience. We are very quick at responding to email so do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you all for your support!

A shout out to the Tenhulzen folks, I’ve been using their alignment tool and find it’s really easy to use. It’s well built and versatile.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve installed and removed the suspension arms now but it’s been a good number of times. It’s been really fun getting to know how to adjust things and working with the hardware.

CamT – GT40’s.com forum

The Portable 2 Wheel Alignment System Works Excellent, It is a Excellent Product. I have 3 cars I use it on and it has already paid for itself. It will continue to save me money through the years. I Highly Recommend this Alignment System to others. 

-Kevin, Wyoming

The 2-Wheel kit I received from Tenhulzen Automotive is great! It exceeded my expectations because it is simple, easy and straight to the point. The toe plates were easy to assemble, the tape measures and camber gauge were easy to read and they took up very little space when stored. Compared to other products the price was more than fair and customer service was great! The attention to detail in taking initial measurements off of the wheel instead of the tire among other things was also very impressive. Overall, I would highly recommend this product. 

If a star system is applied, I would give it 5 stars.”

-Matt B.

I bought the gauges to assist in aligning my three wheel trike, a special bicycle that has been rapidly coming into use by more and more riders.  The human powered vehicle is favored by those who have balance or other issues that affect riding a two wheeled bike.
The two wheels that steer the trike must be aligned very closely, and the usual method using a rod that telescopes, leaves a lot to be desired. Your tool works great, fast and easy, with great accuracy.  I wanted to let you know that the gauge works very well.

-Richard S.

I tried it out today right after I received it. I checked the toe and it was right on with a printout I had received on a alignment previously done. I also checked the camber and it was within .1 degrees of the printout I had. Works great.

-David C.

Hi there, Just letting you know that I finally got the time to use your toe plates. I have an old 96 escort that I have had since new and just can’t seem to get the heart to get rid of that car! Using the toe in plates made things much much easier. I installed all new parts on the car and was shocked to find the toe in off by 3/4 of a inch! 
I think your product is very well thought out…and it sure makes things easier for the do it yourselfer. I believe you have the best design on the market. Thank you for producing these.

-Ralph W.

Amazon Reviews

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Used it this weekend to set up my Formula 3 car. So easy. I’ve used a variety of alignment tools over 30 years and this is hands-down the way to go for the hobby mechanic. Heck, a professional shop could use it as well. Fine American ingenuity here, thanks for bringing this to market!


I found it to be awesome, and very simple to use and get consistent readings. I also like using it to verify anticipated camber control issues, like standing on the door sill and to see what the resulting camber would be with weight moved around the chassis and mild body roll. I don’t have a chassis simulator, but it was easy to adjust the camber and track its effect on toe. Makes setup and setting consistency simple.

-Pedals and Pinheads

Very nice product. Nicely engineered – better than others I’ve seen/used. I especially appreciate the built in conversion table printed on the plate.

-Samuel J.

Worked exactly as expected, and about the same price as an alignment, my next alignment will be FREE!


The alignment system works as advertised. I had only observed one alignment in the past with different equipment. This equipment was easy to use with the online instruction videos.

-Amazon Customer

eBay Feedback

A well designed, quality tool, sold by a company that really stands behind it.
– proto57
This alignment system works well, great communication and service, Thanks 
– mmvet65
Great product very easy to use. Great for at the shop or at the track! A+ seller
– balez308
Tool is acurate and easy to use. Pays itself off very quickly 🙂
– joesolis24
Excellent product for DIY alignment. A+ seller and unit.
– dirtboy720
Super 4 Wheel Alignment System!! Fast Shipping!!& Smooth Transaction!! A+
– leedon314
Fantastic seller – Great experience and post-sales support is wonderful. 
– yonmoor
Excellent engineered camber/caster instrument, easy to use. Highly recommend.
– Robertm5zw3
Well thought-out product…good price, Easy transaction! 
– sunchaserz32
Quality merchandise, shipped quick great seller.
– racer025  


One of the best tools I’ve ever purchased, already paid for itself 10 times over
– robertrk582012
Well built kits and very accurate 
– black_blade100
They just paid for themselves! Thanks!
– gadgetsnest


Lots of great products. Great to deal with. Thanks much. 
– went757
Great tools…..finally got the twin I beam Ford front end in line. Thanks guys 
– dancendarkness