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4-wheel Alignment System



  • The only all-in-one 4-wheel alignment solution designed for individuals, racers, and independent shops
  • Measure Toe, Camber, and Caster
  • Owners have the freedom to make alignment adjustments whenever they wish, at no additional cost to them
  • The system can be used while the car is on the ground, or on a 4-post lift
  • Toe measurements are parallel to the vehicles centerline for a true 4-wheel alignment
  • Toe can be measured in either degrees or inches/mm at wheel diameter
  • Fits 12″-20″ wheels, up to 17″ axle height
  • System pays for itself in just a few uses
  • Works on wheels with lips, without lips, wheels with curb rash, etc.
  • Camber is accurate to within 0.1 degrees, toe is accurate to within 0.02 degrees
  • Optional Alignment Specifications for vehicles produced between 1960-2014
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Our Professional 4-Wheel Alignment System is designed to provide individuals, shops, and racing teams with a cost effective solution to perform 4-wheel alignments. There are two main components to the system, the guage, and the frame.

The gauge can measure toe in degrees, inches, or millimeters. Camber and toe are measured at the same time, and it attaches to wheels for hands free measuring using the same wheel attachment parts used on commercial alignment racks.

The second component of the system, the Easy-String Frame, quickly creates measurement planes that are parallel to the cars centerline. The frame features notches cut into the aluminum uprights that the included elastic cord slots into, and the elastic spools are mounted directly to the frame so they are always right where you need them.



There are two main components of the system. The string frame, which is the frame the holds the elastic cords around the vehicle. The other main component is the gauge, which attaches to the wheel for measurement. The gauge is available separately or as a set of two, with or without the string frame.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 4 × 4 in

One Gauge Only, Two Gauges Only, One Gauge+String Frame, Two Gauges+String Frame