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Toe Plates



  • Pat. Pending wheel stand-offs provide unparalleled accuracy
  • Package includes 2 high resolution tape measures with 1/32in increments
  • Degree alignment specs can be used thanks to the included degree to inch conversion chart
  • Specially cut slots will not let the ends of the tape measures fall out
  • Everything snaps together for easy storage and transport, no case needed
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The Tenhulzen Automotive Toe Plates are the most accurate product of its kind. Toe alignment can quickly and accurately be measured in your garage, shop, or driveway. Perfect to use after replacing suspension components (tie rods, etc.) or lowering.

Toe Measurement – Standard toe plates rest against the tire, which can cause measurement errors due to sidewall lettering, sidewall thickness etc. We solved this issue with our patent pending wheel stand-offs. Measurements are taken directly off of the wheel rim creating a much more accurate measurement. Additionally, the tape measures have 1/32nd inch dividsions, giving twice the precision of other brands.

Storage – The plates and tape measures snap together into one unit, making the package easy to store and carry without the need for a separate case or bag.

Options – The option available on this product is an integrated camber/caster gauge, which is our best selling 2-Wheel Alignment System.

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Toe Plates, Add integrated camber/caster gauge